CIB & FI & EE & LV & LT & RU & BALT CH
BALTW-12 & TLNW-13 & EEW-13
Crufts - qualified



Silver standard poodle bitch 
d.o.b 15.5.2007

Hips: C/A

Elbows: 0/0

Patellas: 0/0

Spinal column: xrayed normal

Eyes:  Clear, PPM & PHTVL/PHPV (mild) (2011)

Bloat 2010

Breeder: Mervi Lirkki, Finland

Co-owner: Mervi Lirkki, Finland

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xrayed normal
clear, PPM & PHTVL/PHPV mild (2011) 
clear (2013)
Mervi Lirkki, Finland
Mervi Lirkki, Finland

Vickan is my pretty silver girl. She's a clown with huge heart and full of ideas. 

She was a happy groupie for her big sister but after tragically losing her idol and loved team leader, she had to take over leading of this pack... After a rocky start, she seems to handle this very nicely. Little Lilian is just enough funny and silly to hustle and bustle and fool around with this hilarious leader. 

Nala and Vickan were inseparable team walking, sleeping, eating and drinking next to each other. After tragic, sudden deat of her adored big sister, Vickan had to seek for her long lost self confidence... After few months of depression, she found new course for her life: leader for the little sister!

Vickan gained several CC's and CACIBs and became Finnish champion just one day after she turned two years. Soon she gained champion titles from several different countries and also Champion International Beauté. 

After few years, it was time to put her in cheerleading department and let the blue sister conquer show rings...

Vickan loves to visit dog shows. But she would rather just wander around and feel the athmosphere, not show in the ring. She's the mascot and coach in our team! 

Vickan is still showed occasionally. And for sure, either me or the audience, is having fun! Born entertainer! She has dazzled judges and she has puzzled as well. She puts appearence when she feels like it.  And objects when she's not in the mood.... Never know, sometimes even both! 

That's Vickan, world must revolve around her! She's adorable with her small, dark almond eyes and smiley face, where you could easily count her teeth! So wide is her famous SMILE! She's like good wine, she keeps getting better as years go by. One thing stays, that's her young spirit!

Thank you Mervi, she's the funniest, the most special little princess! Life hasn't always been easy, but it sure has been interesting!